Tone up and clear up with toner | Pureman Blog

Large pores? Oily Skin? Toners rebalance the skin's pH level after cleansing.Toner also prepares your face for the glycolic acid (AHA’s) in fine facial moisturizers, since these won't work on alkaline skin.A toner will also help to minimize the appea

The perfect shave | Pureman Blog

Pre-shaveThe key to the perfect shave is preparation, preparation, preparation. If possible shave immediately after a shower or use a warm towel to soften the beard and open the pores.If your growth is thick, use a pre-shave oil followed up with the

Shaving know how | Pureman Blog

It’s something you probably do everyday as automatically as dressing. You reach in the cabinet for your razor and gel and shave the way you always have – the way you saw your dad shave. You see is as a necessary chore, but a chore all the same. But a

Avoiding Razor Burn | Pureman Blog

Avoiding razor burn is all about preparation, preparation, preparation. Razor burn is the general redness and irritation of the skin that tends to follow after shaving. It results from the friction of the razor on the skin and is made worse by shavin

Shaving FAQs | Pureman Blog

There's a lot of questions on shaving. Here is just a few of them, with answers. Go ahead and post a comment / or question below to get answers and more help. "My low-foam shaving gels and oils don’t produce a ‘Father Christmas beard’ of foam... doe