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Skin produces cells that continually renew themselves.Exfoliation helps rid the skin of the dead surface cells that build up on its surface.Scrubs containing scrubbing granules, likeBaxter’s Skin Toner Facial Scrub with walnut shell powderMenScience

How to head shave | Pureman Blog

Do you shave your head? Do you end up with lots of nicks and cuts? Then the unique revolutionary Headblade system is a must for you. This is the only specially designed razor for shaving the head.shave prefarably in the showerapply the HeadSlick shav

How to prevent skin from ageing! | Pureman Blog

The skin on your face is very important! We use it to represent ourselves everyday. So why not keep it in tip top shape! It's easier than you think, and possible, to keep yourself looking younger for longer.Skin changes dramatically as you age.During