How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe Every Guy Will Envy

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe Every Guy Will Envy

We will, in a few easy steps show how to easily create a capsule wardrobe every guy will envy.

The premise of a capsule wardrobe
A capsule wardrobe serves a dual purpose: to allow you to make the best fashion choices at all times with little effort, and to keep you from losing your mind in the process. Instead of wasting your time roaming though your gigantic closet in search of a new and exciting ensemble, a capsule wardrobe containing only the finest and most exquisite fashion pieces and accessories will narrow down your search and allow you to create a unique ensemble to dazzle the masses and pave your way to success. How can it be done, you ask?

Choosing the essential tops

The key to choosing the perfect elements of your capsule wardrobe lies in simplicity. The patterns need to be easily compatible and the entire wardrobe should contain no more than five undershirts for every day of the week, several but no more than five button-down shirts, two T-shirts as well as light coats and trenches for those gloomy winter days. Complete the capsule with a pair of suit jackets and your top selection is complete. Time to head south. 

Choosing unique bottoms
It’s best if you already have complete suit ensembles folded and ready for you, so that you do not have to mix and match your tops with your stylish bottoms. However, if you like variety in style and texture like the Brits do, then you will need to choose several unique bottoms.

Be sure to choose a pair of every style, which means dress pants, corduroy, a pair of khakis and chinos as well as a pair of timeless jeans. Don’t forget to keep a pair or two of breathablemen’s gym shortsyou can pack in a hurry on your way to work. This way, you have all of your bottom essentials ready to be matched with the shirt and the schedule of the day.

Narrowing down the shoe selection

When it comes to shoes, there are several essential choices your wardrobe needs to have: dress shoes, casual shoes and a pair of sneakers. A pair of solid black and brown shoes as well as a pair of wingtips is enough, while casual shoes can be anything from loafers to cowboy boots, it’s your choice.

Lastly, sneakers might not be something to wear to the office, but they are definitely something to be worn to the gym or a casual hang with friends.

Adding variety with accessories
If the suit makes the man then men’s accessories portray a unique story about his personality. Your accessories will define you and give off a hint of your stylish and debonair personality people will envy and love. You don’t need to lose yourself in a sea of pocket squares and knitties though, as only a few pieces of every kind will be enough to complement every outfit.

Two solid ties and two patterned ones are all you need, while you should have no more than two classicwatches in black and brown to complement a black, grey, or a navy-blue suit. Be sure to complete the ensemble of the day with a complementary pocket square and you are all set to take on the world, and win big.

A capsule wardrobe truly is a godsend for every man looking to put a timestamp on his morning routine while maintaining his unique appearance. Be sure to follow this simple guide and you will have no problem looking your damnedest every single day while conquering every goal ahead of schedule.