Choosing a Shaving Soap | Pureman Blog

There’s no doubt choosing a traditional shaving soap will give you a smoother finish and start you off on the right foot each day, while also tapping into the same morning ritual your father or grandfather would have used a generation ago.

Taking the time out each morning to work a shaving soap into a lather using piping hot water gives us a chance to ponder the day ahead while maximizing the opportunity for a close and thorough shave.

Although they are widely used for their hydration benefits, there are many different types of soaps and each will give you a different feel and shave, depending on your personal preferences and your skin type.

But with so many products on the market, how do you know which traditional  shaving soap to choose?

Glycerine-based shaving soap:

Glycerine is derived from animal or vegetable oils and generally lathers faster than tallow-based shaving products, while also giving a richer, more slippery lather on the skin.

Glycerine-based shaving soaps also tend to moisturize the skin more and leave it feeling less rough or dry after shaving.

Tallow-based shaving soap:

Tallow-based soaps can be just as good as their glycerine-based cousins, it just depends on personal preference and the individual product.

Tallow is rendered from beef or mutton fat, although more often it has come to refer to an industrial grade of soap with a certain composition that doesn’t necessarily mean it can only be obtained from animal products.

Tallow-based soaps can contain vegetable fats and palm-oil is often used a substitute.

Triple-milled shaving soap:

Triple-milling is a manufacturing process used by soap makers that generally makes a product last longer, lather more effectively and helps make the product more uniform from its first use until its last.

A triple-milled shaving soap will give you a longer lasting product that also holds and maintains its shape better when you are shaving.