Shaving 101: Back to basics | Pureman Blog


1. Start with the right tools

If you want the best results, you’ll need to start with the right tools. Without the best quality instruments, you simply won’t get the best results. The perfect shave starts with the perfect tools, like the Taylor of Old Bond Street Original Safety Razor, which is finished in nickel with an edged grip for improved control of the razor.

2. Open up your facial pores

Dry shaving is one of the main causes of razor burn and skin irritation, so start a shave with a wet beard. Apply a warm, wet towel to your beard and face for a few minutes to open up your skin’s pores and make your beard easier to cut. This is a classic barber trick that they employ to weaken the beard hairs and open the pores for a clean and smooth shave without irritating the skin.

3. Use a good quality cream & brush

Shaving cream will assist to retain moisture in the beard, allowing for a smooth and clean shave that isn’t harming the skin beneath. You’re looking for a creamy, rich lather (instead of foamy consistency) that clings to the skin and beard, allowing for a smoother shave. We recommend D.R. Harris’s Almond Luxury Lather Shaving Cream that provides an extra soothing and moisturising shave. For the best results, use a shaving brush like The Burlington Pure Bristle Brush made from stiff boar bristles: It will help remove excess oil and dirt from the face and beard, and release any trapped hairs for a proper shave.

4. Take your time

The perfect shave takes time, so don’t rush through it and still expect great results. Slow and steady definitely wins this race! Each individual’s beard grows in different patterns, so go with the grain by shaving in the natural direction in which your beard hair grows. Remember to use short, deliberate strokes and let your razor do the work for you

4. Soothe the Skin

After shaving, your skin is at its most vulnerable as the shaving process can be harsh on the sensitive facial skin. Rinse with warm water and use an aftershave lotion like the eShave After Shave Cream in calming and cooling cucumber flavour to soothe the skin. Finish off with beard oil like Penhaligon’s Sartorial Beard Oil or beard balm such as the Scoop Deluxe Beard Balm Gold Label. These products are designed to replenish any lost moisture to the skin and help soften the beard.