Guide to Movember | Pureman Blog


Movember (a joint version of the words “Mo’” – short for moustache – and “November”) is a proudly Ozzie annual initiative that’s gone global in a big way!

The yearly event calls on men (or “Mo Bros”) the world over to do their part in raising awareness and funds for various types of cancer affecting men, such as prostate and testicular cancer.

The aim is to increase early detection and diagnosis of cancer to ensure effective treatments, and ultimately reduce the number of cancer-related deaths worldwide.


Movember is spearheaded by The Movember Foundation: An Australian multinational charity that is amongst the world’s top NGOs. Their main aim is to “change the face of men’s health” by bringing necessary awareness and knowledge to an often misunderstood and underrepresented cause.

Monetary proceeds from the month-long challenge go to various charitable organisations. In just over a decade, the foundation has funded more than 1200 men’s health projects around the world, and aims to reduce premature death in men by 25% by the year 2030!


As you may have guessed, Movember takes place every November for 30 days, starting on the 1st of the month until the 30th.


The requirement is really simple and for a great cause too: Simply grow your moustache for the month of November – that’s it! Sign up on to pledge your allegiance to the cause as a Mo Bro, and then start week one with a clean shave. The rest is easy – just let your mo’ grow out for the next four weeks to raise awareness about men’s health.

Also, encourage your Mo Sistas to do their part by joining to the Movember Move Challenge. They’ll also need to sign up, then it’s all about getting active and staying on the move for men’s health.

And why not get your friends, colleagues or community involved too? You can create your own Movember event (anything from a sports tournament to a dinner party) to raise funds for this great cause.

Moustache Grooming 101: Just because you’re growing your mo’ for a good cause, doesn’t mean it should look unkempt. Apply these three simple tips throughout Movember to keep your look tidy:

1.Comb:If you do nothing else, at least comb your mo’ to avoid tangling, and wiry hairs sticking out from all directions. Combing your moustache will also help you trim and tame any unwanted hairs. We recommend the Kent Beard & Moustache Comb (73mm)

2. Trim: Don’t let your moustache just grow wild for a month. Take control of your look by keeping your mo’ trim and defined, particularly right along the top of your upper lip.

3. Tame: A little bit of wax goes a long way in taming unruly moustache hairs. Simply rub a little bit between the thumb and index fingers, and gently run through your mo’ to style. We recommend you try Penhaligon’s Bayeloa Moustache Wax (7g)


If you’re signing up to take part in Movember, then remember to make a monetary donation, and also encourage friends to do the same.

Whether you’re participating or not, you can make an online donation to a specific team, efforts of an individual participant, or even just a general donation to The Movember Foundation that will go towards charities in need.

Donations can be any amount – every little bit counts to make a difference in reducing the number of men dying from preventable illnesses.