Five Must-Have Hair Products | Pureman Blog

Five Must-Have Hair Products | Pureman Blog

1. A deep cleansing shampoo

Clean hair is healthy hair! The hair on your head is exposed daily to the elements, resulting in a build up of dirt and excess oils that leave the hair looking dull and greasy. Regular shampooing with a moisture-boosting cleanser like Prospector Co.’s Hydrating Shampoo can keep your hair looking and feeling healthy without stripping away your hair’s essential oils.

Definitely try… A handy product like dry shampoo! This is a great weapon to have in your arsenal that refreshes your hair between washes as it temporarily soaks up excess oils in the hair.

2. A highly moisturising conditioner

Both from wear and tear, as well as continued washing, the hair tends to lose its natural lustre as essential oils are stripped away. Regular use of a moisture replenishing conditioner such as the Hanz De Fuko Natural Conditioner that is packed with pure plant extracts and amino acids to stimulate the scalp for healthy hair growth and restore the hair to its thick, shining glory.

3. A product for styling

Taming your strands is best achieved with a long-lasting styling product that will hold all day without being too heavy on your hair, or making it look greasy. The best way to use most men’s styling products is to gently rub a small amount between your palms, and work it through your hair using your fingers to guide your style. We love pomade for its lightweight, non-greasy feel, plus it’s easy to wash out since it’s water-soluble. Try the John Allans for Men Matte Water-based Pomade

4. A thickening product

Whether your hair is thinning, or you simply need a thickening boost, then you’ll need a product like the Vitaman Grooming Volumising Shampoo that is designed to give great volume whilst also fighting against the main causes of hair that is thinning.

Definitely try… American Crew’s wonder product, the Boost Powder: It gives your hair an instant lift and thicker appearance when added to most other styling products from the same brand.

5. A styling comb

When your fingers aren’t doing the trick for slick back your hairs, you may need the assistance of a handy tool like the Baxter of California Pocket Comb that is a perfect on-the-go size at just 5.25”. This hand-crafted Swiss made comb boasts wide bristles that are great for styling longer hair without creating frizz, while the tighter bristles will slick back finer hairs too.