7 Apps Every Man Should Have | Pureman Blog

You use your phone for everything, but are you using it to optimum by helping it help you? There are thousands of useless apps out there (here’s looking at you, Candy Crush) but just as many that are smartly designed to seamlessly fit into your life.

Simplify your busy lifestyle by ensuring you download the following apps to your smartphone today:

Best App for…Cooking

If you’re clueless in the kitchen, but want to learn the basics (and more), look no further than the How to Cook Anything app. Not only does it boast more than 2000 recipes, but it also has simple and easy-to-follow guidance and how-to illustrations. Although the app is $10, its many functional features make it a must-own useful purchase.

Best App for…Exercise

Whether you’re experienced in exercise, or just looking to get a start, the free Nike+ Training Club app can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals. You’ll have access to over 100 workouts and exercise programs from Nike trainers and athletes like comedian, Kevin Hart and professional golfer, Rory McIlroy. Plus, this “trainer in your pocket” gives you personalised training plans that are adjusted to suit your individual goals.

Best App for…Finances

A responsible modern man keeps track of his finances, ensuring he’s budgeting for every pent spent, leaving enough to save for rainy days. HomeBudget is an integrated expense tracker that will help you track your expenses, income, bills and balances all in one easy-to-use app. Download the free “Lite” version of the app to experience the benefits first hand, and upgrade to the paid version to unlock even more capabilities.

Best App for…Planning

The modern guy is always on the move, and if you’re a frequent flier, then you’ll love the Flightaware app. This free app is a total lifesaver that keeps track of all flights, ensuring you know every details about yours, like whether it’s delayed, or what boarding gate number to use.

Also, download Foursquare to help you navigate your way around any place you are. Using your location, the free app can suggest nearby places to eat, grab a drink or simply visit based on the expert advice left by its 50-million+ users worldwide.

Best App for…Sporting Action

Regardless of what sports you’re into, theScore has you covered with live updates to ensure you never miss another sporting minute. Through this free app, you’ll get real-time scores and news coverage of various sporting tournaments like the Champions League, FA Cup, World Cup, NBA and much, much more. The app is capable of giving you breaking news updates and alerts from the teams and players you care about.

Best App for…Boredom

If you find yourself waiting in a long line, or you’ve arrived 15 minutes early for a meeting, you might want an interesting app to pass the time. Instead of playing a mindless game, why not sharpen your mental skills with a stimulating game on the free QuizUp app: A trivia game with topics for every possible interest that allows you to go head-to-head in a challenge against friends, or meet new people.