Razor 6/8 Special Coiffeur Black

Razor 6/8 Special Coiffeur Black

Brand: Thiers Issard
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Handmade in France by Thiers-Issard, the razor features their finest grind to ensure superior cutting performance. Featuring a 6/8", singing hollow, carbon steel blade with both sides with a satin finish. The plastic scales are easy to maintain and impeccably balanced. The razor is suitable for beginners, while also being large enough for the experienced wet shaver.

TIP: When not in use for longer periods, it is recommended that the razor be rubbed with light oil and stored in a dry, safe place. To maintain your razor and keep it in top condition, you'll also need a razor strop and strop balm.

Warranty - Product is covered by a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. Warranty claims are void with improper treatment or user modification. It does not cover everyday wear and tear, abusive treatment or rough handling. Rust is considered careless handling and is not covered by the warranty.

Model Ref: A-275-6/8-SC-PN

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