PROFI Soft Medium Black & Purple Toothbrush - Soft

PROFI Soft Medium Black & Purple Toothbrush - Soft

Brand: Swissdent
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Red handle, black bristle soft toothbrush with a small head and long adult handle. Suitable for use with braces and sensitive teeth.

The patented and award-winning Swissdent Red PROFI toothbrush has a small head to reach the most difficult places. Special bristles with whitening microparticles improves the whitening effect. The concave bristle (spoon-shaped) fits perfectly to the convex contours of a tooth. The handle design was based on a dental instrument to facilitate the most effective cleaning.  This special Swissdent shape is patented and unique worldwide. The toothbrush was also awarded the Red Dot Award for “Best Design”!



For optimal results, brush with the Swissdent PROFI toothbrush three times a day for 2 minutes each in combination with one of the Swissdent whitening toothpastes.

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