Emergency Kit Blue

Emergency Kit Blue

Brand: Swissdent
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Ideal for those who want fresh breath and non-bleach whitening toothpaste. Contains Swissdent Pure Toothpaste 50ml, Pure Mouthspray and PROFI Soft Toothbrush in a value pack.Ideal for travelling.

Swissdent Emergency Kit Pure brings together the “Swissdent Pure” product range all in one small zip bag. Swissdent Pure toothpaste mildly removes stains through the clever use of natural three-fold enzyme blend (kiwi, papaya and pineapple). Can be used twice daily or just in the morning (either Gentle or Extreme toothpaste at night) together with the included PROFI toothbrush. Swissdent’s Pure Mouthspray can be used throughout the day as an alternative to gum to freshen the breath and bring back the mouth’s healthy PH levels.


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