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Progress Adjustable Safety Razor - Long Handle

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Longer handled classic. Choose from 5 blade positions to customise your shave.

The Merkur Long Handle Progress Double Edge Safety Razor is identical to the Progress, but comes with a longer, 10cm (4 inch) handle to accomodate those with larger hands.

Incorporating performance enhancements into a classic design, it’s no wonder why it was named “Progress”. Without complicating the basic design, the Merkur Progress offers full adjustability and improved balance.

Twisting the base of the handle allows you to change the blade angle to one of five blade settings to suit your beard type and shaving preference.

The Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor can be configured for the level of closeness you desire to achieve a close, comfortable shave with less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs or razor bumps.

Ergonomically designed with a handle that offers command and comfort in the grip, the Merkur Futur double edge safety razor delivers a first class shave every time.

Supplied with 1 Merkur Stainless Platinum Razor Blade.

Handcrafted in Solingen, Germany. 

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