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Get Your Hair Cut at Brisbane’s Best Barber

Look good and feel good with a brand new haircut from the PUREMAN barber shop in Brisbane CBD. Get the latest hairstyle at our nationally-recognised and multi-award-winning salon. At PUREMAN, we specalise in providing high quality hairdressing and grooming services to stylish men. Our salon prides itself on offering a thoroughly relaxing experience, where clients receive the utmost attention and care. Whether you need a light trim, a buzz cut or a shave, we know how to make you look your best.

Our Barbers

At PUREMAN we have the most talented and professional barbers in the Brisbane CBD. They provide an extensive range of quality hairdressing and grooming services. Our barbers can expertly wash, cut, colour, straighten and style a brand new you. They can also provide you with a wet shave and trim your beard so that you will always look neat and tidy.

Quality Hair Products

Our barber shop is so much more than just your average male specific salon. We are also premium resellers of high quality hair and grooming products. Our online store stocks an exclusive and extensive range of waxes, oils, pomades, gels, razors, shave creams, colognes, and deodorants from the most reputable brands. From looking great to smelling good, we provide the means for our customers to maintain their new style from home.

Brisbane’s Most Reputable Barber

Bringing a slice of sophistication you’d expect in New York to the Brisbane CBD, we can provide a unique grooming experience by a trusted barber. From luxury extras such as stylish chairs and LCD screens to the quality styling products, PUREMAN is Brisbane’s best barber shop. Please feel free to give us a call on (07) 3012 7990 with any queries about our services or to book an appointment. If you have any questions about our online store, call our customer service team on 1300 130 630.

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